Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Another Present!

Recently I happened to be at the pub meeting a group of Indie game developers who were in Brighton for the Develop conference.  As the evening progressed and the beer flowed a tipsy discussion began between myself and a lovely chap called Alistair over whether baby mice or baby hippos were cuter.  Despite my obsession with mice, and my photographic evidence on my phone of how cute baby mice are,  we eventually agreed that both baby animals were equally cute.  It turned out that my new friend was quite fond of hippos, so I decided to make him one.  This is the result - may I introduce Heathcliff! 


Getting the face right was the most important part.  The pattern started off inspired by a free Crochet-Along pattern from The Craft Frog, (available on Ravelry for $4 now) but I made a lot of alterations, including the length of the body and legs, but mostly the shape of the head and face to make it more realistic.  The photos don't really show the shaping on the top of his muzzle very well, unfortunately.  I think he came out really well.

And most importantly, my friend loved his present :)

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