Friday, 23 October 2015

Tiny Penguin Pattern

I've been getting a lot of requests for penguins on my stall recently, and I've never been happy with any of the penguin patterns I've found out there - the best looking are a bit large for me - I like tiny and super cute!  So I decided to design my own, and here he is! 

He comes out about about 5cm tall with basic DK yarn and a 2.5mm hook, but obviously that will vary if you use different yarn or hook size.

On to the pattern (written in US terms even though I am British -  I've got so used to them I find it hard to think in UK crochet terms!)  All pieces are worked in the traditional Amigurumi way, in a spiral - don't join rounds.


Two 6mm black safety eyes
2.5mm crochet hook
Black DK yarn
White DK yarn
Yellow DK Yarn
Yarn needle
Small amount of fibrefill stuffing


slip = Slip Stitch
sc = Single Crochet  (Double Crochet in UK)
dc = Double Crochet (Treble Crochet in UK)
ch = Chain
inc = Increase - Crochet 2 stitches into one stitch
dec = Decrease - Crochet 2 stitches together
FLO = Front Loop Only
FO = Fasten off.


10sc = sc in each of the next 10 stitches
[sc, inc] round = repeat the contents of the brackets round - in this case - single crochet in next stitch, 2 sc in next stitch, sc in next stitch, 2 single crochet in next etc until you reach row stitch count.


You need to make these first because you will need to put them on while making the body.

With White:
1) 6 sc into Magic Ring & FO - don't slip to join into a circle and don't pull tight yet!
2) Insert safety eyes into centre of ring - carefully pull tight around eye to form a semi circle.


With White:
1) 6 sc into Magic Ring (6)
2) inc round (12)
3) [sc, inc] round (18)
FO leaving long tail for sewing on.


With Yellow:
1) 6sc into Magic Ring (6)
2) sc round (6)
FO leaving long tail for sewing.

Flatten them as shown in the second photo. Do not stuff.



With Black:
1) 6 sc into Magic Ring (6)
2) inc round (12)
3) [sc, inc] round (18)
4) sc round (18)
5) sc round (18)
6) [sc, inc, inc] round (24)
7) [slip, ch 1, dc] in FLO of next stitch, [dc, ch 1, slip] in FLO of next stitch - (makes wing), 10sc (in both loops), [slip, ch 1, dc] in FLO of next stitch, [dc, ch 1, slip] in FLO of next stitch - (makes wing), 10 sc (in both loops) (24)
8) sc round (crochet into the spare back loops where the wings are) (24)
9) sc round (24)
10) sc round (24)

At this point insert your eyes (with white semi-circles) between rows 5 & 6, with 2 holes (between stitches) between them, or wherever the white semi-circles touch or almost touch.  Don't sew on yet, but do put the backs on the eyes to lock them in place.  Don't over tighten the safety eyes - remember you are going through two layers of crochet - if you do them too tight the eyes sink into the white and don't look very good.

11) [sc, sc, dec] round (18)
12) [sc, dec] round (12)

Stuff, not too firmly but enough to hold the shape.

13) [dec] round (6)
FO and sew base shut.

Making Up

You can now sew the white eyes in place - keep them at a slight angle at the bottom to match the curve of the tummy circle.

Sew on the tummy circle, as close to the bottom of the eyes as possible.  You can tuck the stitches of the tummy under the eyes if you are careful for a neat finish.

Flatten the base of your penguin and make sure he sits OK.  Flatten the feet and sew on along the bottom front edge either side of the tummy circle.

Finally sew his beak - I do 2 stitches to form a V shape, then 2 or 3 to fill in the middle and finish with a horizontal stitch across the top to make it look neat.

And your cute tiny penguin is complete!

Please note: You can sell the finished product in small quantities at local craft shows etc (with credit to me as designer), but not on the internet.  The written pattern must not be sold in any form or used on any other website or in hardcopy/print without my permission.

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