Thursday, 27 April 2017

Indian Holi Festival Elephant

The Indian Holi Festival is also known as the Festival of Colour and is celebrated at the beginning of March.  It is a celebration of spring and new life, as well as love, repairing relationships and new starts.

The beautifully decorated and painted elephants that form part of the festival have always caught my eye and I decided to make an amigurumi version as a birthday present for a friend. 

I collect all kinds of fabric, ribbon, buttons etc from car boot fairs and charity shops to use in my amigurumi making, and I dug out my collection of beautiful Indian-style motifs.

I started with a basic elephant (with small high-set ears, naturally as it's an Indian elephant), and then made a blanket and head decoration for it from bright cotton fabric, gold fabric and ribbons.  I'm delighted with how beautifully he came out!

The saddle blanket is made from layers of fabric & ribbon, with a gold ribbon girth, gold braid edging hand sewn on and Indian decorations.

 It is fully removable, via a hidden press-stud:

The headdress is made from a heart shaped and a flower Indian motif and pink ribbon.

His outfit is completed by ribbons round his legs and some Indian bells around his neck.

He also has the roundest, cutest rear end ever!

A few more pictures:

It was very hard to give him away, but my friend loved him as much as I do :)

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  1. So adorable... <3 You are such and amazing friend. So glad they loved it.